Our Success Stories

LEE R. BISSONETTE has represented numerous families and children who have been brain injured as a result of negligent care by either the physicians who attended the mother’s pregnancy, labor and delivery or who take care of the children following their delivery in a manner below the standard of care.

The millions of dollars in settlement money that has been obtained on behalf of these families has resulted in the families and children having more services, more equipment, and more resources available to assist them in their lives.

Settlements have been used to better lives - including the construction of handicapped-accessible homes or remodeling existing homes to meet the needs of handicapped children; purchasing fully-equipped vans for transportation or more sophisticated equipment like mobile wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs; special feeding devices; special computer devices; and other sophisticated equipment that injury victims require and deserve!


DT was a six-week-old infant when his father brought him to the family practice doctor that the baby had seen from birth. DT was running an extremely high fever, was crying a great deal, and was extremely irritable. Unfortunately, DT’s doctor sent him home with a children's medication for fever. Within a day, DT was hospitalized - he was extremely lethargic and obviously exhibiting signs of neurologic problems. Subsequent testing showed that DT had bacterial meningitis and the delay in diagnosing it had resulted in him suffering permanent brain damage. Today, DT suffers from cerebral palsy and other developmental delays and will always be dependent on the care of others.
We represented the child in a medical malpractice claim against his physician resulting in a settlement that has allowed for various types of care and equipment to assist DT in living the rest of his life in as productive and comfortable manner as possible.

Twin A and Twin B were the product of a twin pregnancy complicated early on by a terrible problem known as Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Because the twins’ mother was not advised to see a specialist early on, the babies ended up being born extremely prematurely and developed severe neurologic complications. The twins are now approximately ten years of age and require full-time, 24-hour a day, 7-day a week care.

We represented the twins in a medical malpractice claim resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement which has at least assisted the family in providing for the needs of these children for the rest of their lives.

TR’s mother was 41-weeks into her pregnancy when she went to the hospital in labor. After several hours, a fetal monitor indicated that the baby’s heart rate had dropped significantly and that he was showing little or no sign of being able to withstand the periodic low heart rates. In spite of that, his physicians delayed, and ultimately waited too long before performing an emergency Cesarean Section. Because of the long delay in delivering TR, he has suffered permanent brain damage, including cerebral palsy and other neurologic problems.

Today, he is a 12-year old child and functions cognitively like a normal child. Unfortunately, he has very severe spastic quadriplegia and spastic cerebral palsy - and will require constant care and special needs because of these disabilities.

We represented the family in a medical malpractice claim against the physicians who attended TR’s mother during labor and delivery. The settlement has allowed the family to provide for many of his special needs and assist him in leading a productive and reasonably comfortable life.

LA was a young mother of three children when she visited her physician and reported the presence of a lump in her breast. An ultrasound was performed which indicated that her breast was normal. She was sent home with no further instructions. Several months later, the lump began to grow and became painful. She was seen again by a different physician, who diagnosed her with metastatic breast cancer. Unfortunately, because of the delay, LA ultimately died of her cancer within a year and one-half of its diagnosis.

Representing her surviving children and husband, we were successful in obtaining a settlement which has assisted the family in replacing the income and services that LA provided to them, and also providing the children with funds for future education and expenses that they will incur.

A twelve-year old child presented herself on two separate occasions to a physician at his clinic. During the first visit, the child had non-specific signs of an infectious process and a series of blood tests were performed - one of which indicated an elevated blood sugar level. A letter apparently was sent to the 12-year old child (not her parents) telling her that she should have a retest. The parents (who never received the letter) are of foreign descent and speak little to no English, while the child - having been in the U.S. school system for several years - spoke English fluently.

Several weeks later, the child again visited the same doctor at a different clinic, showing fairly obvious signs of diabetes. Her chart was not available to the doctor at the time of the visit, and he did not subsequently check on the chart. Accordingly, the doctor did not see the previous elevated blood sugar nor did he retest her blood sugar, take urine samples, or perform any other tests for diabetes. The child was sent home with a diagnosis of migraine headaches.

The following morning the child was found in a diabetic coma and in spite of having been sent by ambulance to a major intensive care unit, she died of advanced stages of diabetes and dehydration. Plaintiffs’ experts opined that appropriate care included follow-up testing of the elevated blood sugar - which would have certainly allowed the diagnosis of juvenile diabetes and institution of appropriate management of that condition.

We represented the parents and next-of-kin of the 12-year old and was successful in obtaining a wrongful death settlement of several hundred thousand dollars.

LB and his family were involved in a multi-car accident resulting in serious personal injuries to LB, his wife, and his two daughters. A nine- year old child in another car that was involved in the accident was killed.

We represented the family of LB and was able to secure a 1.8 Million Dollar settlement out of 2.3 Million Dollars in total insurance available.

MM was a 43-year old husband and father of two who underwent a Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Surgery. MM and his wife were told by the surgeon that the surgery went well, and that he could go home that day and resume regular activities the following day. The following day, MM’s wife called the emergency room because MM was having difficulty taking deep breaths, his chest was tight, and he was running a fever. They advised her to call the surgeon.

MM’s wife spoke to the surgeon and advised him of MM’s symptoms. The surgeon said as long as he could swallow and it seemed like food was reaching his stomach he should be fine. MM’s wife also advised the surgeon that their son had recently been diagnosed with pneumonia. Again, he said not to worry.

The next day, MM’s wife again talked to the surgeon and told him her husband felt like he was drowning. The surgeon was not concerned and told her that MM should be feeling better the next day. The next day, MM died at home in his sleep lying next to his wife. The autopsy report indicated that MM died of a massive infection that started in his lungs (pneumonia) and spread into his peritoneum.

We represented the wife and the two children who survived MM and was successful in obtaining a wrongful death settlement of several hundred thousand dollars.

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